V & A Training

  • English Language with V & A (Voice & Accent) Training
  • International Interview Skills
  • International Psychology Counseling, Career Guidance & Stress Management

Why Voice & Accent ?

In this cutting edge fast lane life with competition all around in the corporates and every growing industry, superiority only comes to those who are active to speak about their selves . Who hunts down what belongs to them with their Thought process, Mindset and The most importantly Communication Skills.

Vimeys now into Voice & Accent Training

This training is a lucrative way of getting ahead in this state of the art emerging industry. It not only helps you to get a good job but makes you an exceptional personality which is your clandestine key for success.

Where can we find such
kind of training?

This training is provided in U.S.A , Uk And Australian multinational companies , bpo's, kpo's and corporates. But how many of you have actually got a chance to sit in this session??? Well we believe only few who could be counted on the finger tips. Vimeys offers you a chance to join us in our training module of just 15 days right before you're about to finish your degree, diploma, or any course you're involved in and get a chance to set a benchmark of a successful job offer letter even before you have your graduation degree or so.
Vimeys offers you a chance to beat the Corporate Jungle right after the moment you're out if your college or university.

How is that possible???

Well we feel proud to mention that we are officially providing V&A training and Job recruitment to some of the finest Universities in Mumbai from commerce, management and engineering sectors. Students Undergo our Training module for just 15 days per batch and are ready to get their jobs through our campus drives with variety of choices offered by us at the end of the year.

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Key Factors you learn

  •   International Idioms
  •   Indian words v/s International words
  •   Introduction to Indianisms
  •   Introduction to Sounds & Pronunciation
  •   Process Specific Words
  •   International Phonetic Alphabet
  •   Different International Dialects
  •   Vowels
  •   Auxiliaries
  •   Empathy v/s Sympathy
  •   Personal Titles
  •   Functive Verbs